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Can Creativity Be Taught?

Yea, no.

Creativity is something WE ALL have. As it pertains to music, creativity is about HOW you use your own knowledge to create sound.

The 'best' musicians often aren't the ones who know the most theory or have the most technical prowess. But they apply the techniques they do know in a different culturally relevant manner.

Personally I try to encourage knowledge of music theory and to practice musical techniques. Not for the purpose of having to perform those techniques in their own music, but for the flexibility to use what they like and discard what they don't.

That's the place where creativity can thrive.

When YOU have a command over a technique on an instrument, you get to decide what skills provide the sound you are looking for, and therein lies the personal creativity portion. I have taught many students over the years and the coolest part is that when they reach the point of technical facility, no two students have produced the same music, or even similar music! (Unless they got together and collaborated). So yes. Creativity cannot be taught. It is how you solve problems. It is how you personally digest information. There is no way I as a teacher can program that, I can only show you the notes and techniques. It will always be YOU who writes your musical journey.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

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